Chiropractic helps with Sidney Crosby’s Recovery

As stated by Dr. Ted Carrick, its like “Christmas” for Sidney Crosby (an early Christmas!).  Sidney Crosby, one of the most elite NHL hockey players, has been battling crippling symptoms from repeated concussions.  He has been treated by doctors and they have shown great progress, but were limited to only about 80-90%, then the symptoms would reoccur!  What was missing?  Functional Neurology!  Dr. Ted Carrick is the leading expert in Brain injury and the lead professor of Chiropractic Neurology for the Carrick Institute (yes its his institute!).

Since beginning care with Dr. Carrick, Sid’s progress has improved leaps and bounds!  They are now predicting that there will be a full recovery and Sid will probably be back in action by January!  What’s the biggest reason?  Treatment of Brain Function!  Functional Neurology is the most elite care for the human brain!  Once the rest of the health community realizes this, our health care system can become elite as well!  Check out this interview with Sidney Crosby and his medical staff!