Athletes At The Pan Am Games Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Two Chiropractors who are among the first-ever named to the international event’s medical staff recently returned from Guadalajara, Mexico, having attended to the medical needs of athletes at the 2011 Pan American Games.

During the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dr. Shapiro, attended to the Chiropractic needs of hundreds of athletes competing in taekwondo, judo and wrestling. Throughout this time, treatments was given for all forms of sports-related traumas, ranging from abrasions, sprains and contusions to even the severe spinal injury suffered by one competitor.

The Chiropractors worked hand-in-hand with the athletes, coaches, trainers and organizers to ensure Chiropractic was available to those who wanted it.

“Each of us took great pride in helping these world-class, international performers prepare for events, sometimes only moments before competitions. Their total trust, reliance and appreciation were certainly high points of this very rewarding experience, which I hope to repeat in upcoming years.”

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