Sit Up Straight Now To Be A Healthy, Independent Senior

The shape of an older person’s spine may predict their future need for home assistance or admission to a nursing home, according to a new study.

The study included more than 800 people aged 65 and older in Japan, who had their spinal posture assessed. It was found that seniors with an increase in the curve in their thoracic spine (area between your shoulders), suffered from the greatest degree of disability.

Over four and a half years, about 16 percent of the participants became dependent on help for basic daily activities. Those with the greatest curve in the thoracic spine were about three and a half times more likely to become dependent on help for basic daily activities than those with the least spinal inclination.

Original Study

Chiropractic adjustments keep your spinal joints moving freely, allowing you to sit up properly and keep a flexible spine well into your senior years. Being adjusted is the perfect way to ensure spinal flexibility and vibrant senior years!