Susan Pryma, Registered Massage Therapist

My name is Sue Pryma, a Massage Therapist who graduated in 2000 from ICT Kikkawa College in Toronto.  Since then I have enjoyed work in a few different practices – chiropractic, physiotherapy and natural health.  I have also worked with a few of the Massage Colleges in Toronto and North York.

My massage focus has varied from work-related injuries to pregnancy and from motor vehicle accidents to sports rehabilitation.  I have found that during treatment, a relaxing experience is just as beneficial as a therapeutic one.  When the mind is calm, the body relaxes and can better focus on healing itself.  I primarily use Swedish Massage, but also incorporate myofascial, manual lymph drainage and myotonic release when necessary.

One of the things I enjoy most about my career is that I am continually learning – through attending courses, during discussion with my associates, working with the students or with you, the client.  It can be a new technique, finding a different approach to a solution or simply taking the time to listen and be compassionate.  There is always something new to discover.