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We trust that 2023 will bring more positive changes to our Clinic that will help our patients get well and stay well.   Already, we have added acupuncture back to our list of services provided by  Physiotherapy and also with Dr. Patrick Maziarz.  New for 2023 is  Holistic  Nutrition with Dr. Colleen Prendergast.  Please contact our front desk for more information or availability.


Please visit our website online at  Go to the Tab that says “Book an Appointment”.    Here you can set up an online account and book an appointment with the Practitioner that you want!   Remember to book the appropriate TYPE of appointment to ensure enough time is booked to take care of you.   An email reminder will be sent out to you.

If you don’t see the time that you want, please call us at 416-622-1939, as not all available appointments are shown online.  If you are a NEW patient, welcome to our Clinic!   We would love to hear from you, so please call us to book your first appointment.  It will be much easier this way


Our Clinic continues to provide comprehensive Concussion management services. Momentum Healing Arts is a certified Complete Concussion Management Centre with  baseline testing for all sport disciplines and post injury concussion management (eg. sports, trauma, car accidents).  Read below for more complete information. Be sure to let your friends and family know.

concussion-managementAlthough you may not always be able to completely avoid a concussion, you can take steps NOW to ensure that injuries are managed safely and effectively!

Studies have consistently shown that well after an athlete has recovered from the initial symptoms of concussion, there may still be deficiencies in other systems.   During this period of incomplete recovery the brain is extremely vulnerable to stress and secondary injury.  Allowing a player to return too early places them at risk for serious and potentially permanent or fatal brain injury!

Comprehensive baseline testing includes all areas of potential deficits seen in concussion injuries including neurocognitive function (visual, spatial, auditory memory, concentration, etc.), reaction time, balance, visual tracking speed, and motor strength testing.  In the event of an injury, these specific tests provide our specially trained doctors with specific information about each athlete so that a more informed and safer decision can be made as to when they return to play!

Best of all, concussion baseline testing is covered through secondary health benefits!

Sign up today to have your baseline test completed as an individual, or with your sports team to receive a group discount!

Want to learn more about the program?
Our certified practitioners, Dr. Colleen Prendergast (Chiropractor) and Dr. Patrick Maziarz (Chiropractor), are available to answer any questions you may have and can also provide presentations to be done for any sports organization/team!