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Health Services Provided

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Chiropractic Care


Head, Neck, TMJ and Shoulder Pain
(including Frozen Shoulder Syndrome)

Massage Therapy

Holistic Nutrition

Kinesio Taping

Our mission is to practice exceptional health care with exceptional service to get you well and keep you well, so that you can enjoy your daily activities.

At Momentum Healing Arts Centre, we have a team of dedicated health care practitioners that work together to restore and maintain your health. Momentum is all about movement – “move body, move blood, move energy, move life” – with this, you have vitality and health.

From our entry into the world to the final steps that we take in adulthood, chiropractic adjustments restore mobility and function to the spinal column and extremity joints, taking away stress from the nervous system. Chiropractic care is a preventative health choice that people make in order to feel better in their everyday lives.

When an injury or an illness occurs, the team at Momentum have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to see you through your recovery and give you the tools to work back to full movement and function – thereby improving your physical and your mental health.

Located in central Mississauga, our Clinic has excellent chiropractic care, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathy among its services to provide you with optimal health care choice.

Your health is not in our hands – it is in yours, but please allow us to help you optimize it.