Physiotherapy is a regulated health care profession that offers a wide range of specialized services to help restore, maintain, and maximize an individual’s strength, function, movement and overall well-being.

A physiotherapist is a university educated health professional. Specifically, physiotherapists must complete a university degree in an accredited physiotherapy program. In most parts of Canada, university physiotherapy programs are at a Masters level education. In order to enter professional practice, physiotherapists are required to pass a national exam and must be registered with the regulatory board or college of physiotherapists in their province/territory.

Physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of how the body works, and have hands-on skills to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of conditions including areas of cardiorespiratory, orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, women’s health, seniors’ health and sports injuries, to name a few. Other areas of rehabilitative care include pre and post surgery, motor vehicle accidents and other situations of  injury or disability that may be present.

Registered physiotherapists in Ontario’s are primary care practitioners, which means you do not require a referral from a doctor for treatment. However, in order for physiotherapy services to be covered under OHIP or by some extended health insurance plans, you may require a doctor’s referral.   Physiotherapy treatment is fully covered by the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board.

What Does Physiotherapy Treatment Include?

Upon your visit to physiotherapy, an in-depth history and physical assessment will be completed, and may include measures of body functions, strength and weakness testing, and observed or instrumented analysis of gait, posture, balance, joint range of motion, and functional movement. The results from the assessment and proposed treatment plan are then discussed with the client.

Depending on the condition assessed, physiotherapy treatment at Momentum Healing Arts can include: therapeutic exercises, functional training, manual therapy, work hardening, acupuncture, soft tissue techniques and modalities that reduce pain.  In a more chronic situation, corrective techniques to improve heart and lung function and cardiac conditioning may be needed.  A physiotherapist will also work on education for the client so that they understand how to prevent any relapses in their condition.

Physiotherapists treat a variety of conditions, both acute and chronic.  The Momentum Healing Arts Centre has a large rehabilitation and treatment area  to handle all types of injury.  In addition to the traditional methods of physiotherapy treatment and modalities, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is available to help in the recovery or for exercise enhancement.  Please see the section on WBV in the Services section of this website.

The physiotherapist at Momentum Healing Arts Centre prides himself on providing individualized plans for each client. We believe that an individualized approach translates to a more positive outcome.  The physiotherapist will work diligently with you, and address concerns to improve strength, mobility, endurance and assist in decreasing pain, among other concerns, with the ultimate intention of improving tolerance, independence and function.