Worksite Services and Assessments

corpOur office offers a wide variety of services for businesses, both small and large. Doctors of chiropractic are back specialists, trained in the detection, correction and prevention of back problems. Therefore, it is only natural for chiropractors to pass on that knowledge and bring it into the workplace to make warehouse and office environments safer.

Corporate services are provided under the name of Kingsbridge Chiropractic Technical Services Inc., and can provide small and large companies with occasional or regular, preventative programs for the following areas:

Lunch And Learn Program

Outlined below are the two most common lunch and learn presentations. These can be customized to suit the needs and wants of your company, as well as address any individual concerns of the employees.

a) Office Ergonomics And The Human Factor In Injury

This one hour lecture covers the concept of repetitive strain injuries and how they occur, especially with computer usage. Understanding that low back pain, neck pain, headaches, arm and hand pain can occur from constant, repetitive data entry and sitting all day is often an unknown concept to many. The stress in today’s jobs does not help reduce this strain, with so many people being asked to spend endless hours on computers and laptops.

Learning how to reduce this chronic strain and stress to muscles and joints on a daily basis is the key to this session. Employees will learn what techniques they can use at their desks to eliminate low back pain, shoulder stress and other ailments. They will be taught how to set up their workstation for their own body, and the safest way to use a laptop computer. The importance of good posture is also emphasized.

b) Low Back Pain… Why It Can Hurt So Much!!

Eighty percent of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their life. In many of these people, the pain becomes an everyday occurrence, and often a disability that they must live with. Why are so many affected with low back pain, even at a young age? Why does the medical profession have so little to offer people who suffer from chronic low back and neck pain? How do your work and other daily activities contribute to back pain? What can you do to help prevent degenerative arthritis and debilitating low back pain from affecting your health and enjoyment of life?

In this information packed lunch and learn hour, you will learn the answers to these questions. You will learn if your back is an injury waiting to happen. Find out if your family is at risk too. This program will give you the tools to understanding the complexity of low back pain, as well as the knowledge to prevent a low back injury. This is important information whether you have an office job or a manual lifting job.