PLEASE NOTE:   Acupuncture services are provided by Dr. Patrick Maziarz, Chiropractor and Suvarna Ghuge, Physiotherapist at Momentum Healing Arts Centre.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese art of healing, has become popular throughout the world over the past decades. Acupuncture has proven remarkably effective and safe for many conditions. Modern science is starting to unravel the question of how acupuncture works. Several different effects have been noted when using acupuncture:

  1. Pain-relieving effect – acupuncture is able to raise the pain threshold. Acupuncture is mainly used for pain control, both in acute and chronic pain. Acupuncture has specific points for tendon and ligament injuries to help with pain and with inflammatory disorders like tendonitis.
  2. Sedation – acupuncture has a very relaxing effect on the body such that patients will often fall asleep during treatment. This is why acupuncture can be used for anxiety type disorders, behavioral problems, addictions and seizure activities.
  3. Homeostatic or regulatory effect: this means that the acupuncture is able to help the body attain a state of better internal balance. This is helpful in reducing blood pressure, and treating bladder or bowel problems, like diarrhea or constipation.


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is an evidence-based form of acupuncture used to relieve pain, alter movement patterns, and improve performance and function.  It is a precise peripheral nerve stimulation technique, in which fine acupuncture needles are inserted into anatomical sites.  The needles are then stimulated with electricity for the therapeutic purpose of altering abnormal activity of the nervous system, to relieve pain and/or other dysfunctions.  There are many benefits of acupuncture which include: pain relief, decrease inflammation, improved blood flow, stress reduction, and improved organ function. It is a very safe and effective method of treatment and most patients feel minimal to no discomfort as the needles are inserted.