Back Pain is the # 1 cause of disability in North America

The 5 lumbar bones of the lower spine not only support the body but protect the spinal cord and nerves.  Between the vertebrae are shock absorbent fluid-filled discs. Damage to these bones and nerves can cause debilitating pain and numbness, making it difficult to work or even perform basic acts of daily living.

Back injuries can result from heavy lifting, sports, twisting while lifting, or even gardening, any time you’re using the lower back muscles for activities that they aren’t used to.  The “new” activity causes muscle spasms, sprained ligaments or herniated (slipped) discs. And pain.  It can also be caused by inactivity such as sitting too much and lack of regular movement, leading to premature degeneration of joints and discs. Halting physical activity, with the belief that the pain will disappear, may seem logical but can actually make it all worse.

Seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis, and incorporating regular physical exercise into your life can make all the difference, and keep back pain at bay.

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