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Momentum Healing Arts is an official concussion management centre.

Have you had your concussion baseline test done yet? Momentum Healing Arts is an official concussion management centre.

Unlocking The Mystery Of Frozen Shoulder

According to Wikipedia, Frozen shoulder (also known as Adhesive capsulitis ) is a painful and disabling disorder of unclear cause in which the connective tissue of the shoulder  becomes inflamed and stiff, greatly restricting motion and causing chronic pain. Sufferers, mostly women aged 40 – 60, will have extreme difficulty performing daily life activities, and sleep deprivation due to pain. …

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Complete Concussion Management

We are excited to share an exciting new service that our clinic is now offering. Momentum Healing Arts is now qualified as a Complete Concussion Management Centre with comprehensive baseline testing for all sport disciplines and post injury concussion (eg. car accidents).  Read below for more complete information. Be sure to let your friends and …

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Want to get smarter and happier? Go exercise

What’s a scientifically validated way to get smarter, happier, healthier and calmer? Stop reading this right now and go for a walk. It’s that simple. Exercise powers the body and the mind. Exercise Makes You Smarter A three-month exercise regimen increased blood flow to the part of your brain focused on memory and learning by 30%. …

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This Is the No. 1 Cause of Disability Worldwide – Lower Back Pain

Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on lower back pain, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), and it’s now the No. 1 cause of job disability around the world. In a new study published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, researchers gathered data from 117 studies from 47 …

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The Dangers of Sitting

Office Posture Matters: An Animated Guide from Flikli on Vimeo.

Stephen A. Smith share his thoughts on Chiropractic

Dangers of Sitting

The Dangers of Sitting We know sitting too much is bad, and most of us intuitively feel a little guilty after a long TV binge. But what exactly goes wrong in our bodies when we park ourselves for nearly eight hours per day, the average for a U.S. adult? Many things, say four experts, who …

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Celebrating The Olympics

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Chiropractic Supports Olympic Athletes

What does it take to be an Olympic athlete? Training. Talent. And support from excellent medical staff – among them, Chiropractors. Throughout the years, chiropractic has become a mainstay in the care of world-class athletes, leading to a growing number of D.C.s included in the Olympic Games. Countless athletes attribute the care they receive from …

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